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Friends, I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year! May this year bring you good luck, health, success, fulfillment of hopes, ardent love and great happiness! May you have positive, joy and laughter! 

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Probably a long time it was necessary to do so. Well, I'm doing now. In fact, I have got a blog back in 2011 to be able to communicate with many people keen on the same as me: the culture and art of the East, namely, Japan and South Korea.
Getting them started for me with the drama "Kimi wa petto" with Jun Matsumoto.
And now, after 6 years, I still a faithful fan of Japan and South Korea. Yes, I do not write in my blog, but still actively communicate with hundred of people in their blogs and communities.
My heart is full of gratitude to all these people, that they give me their warmth and love in the beautiful east.
Johnnyes ... Excellent singers, actors, musicians, presenters, MC - loved, love and will love!